running your store

Dremus makes selling online a breeze - see these features for more info

Payment Gateway

Take payments through our pre-integrated gateways such as Payment Express (DPS), PayPal and eWay. Set up multiple payment options for shoppers to choose from to ensure you never lose a sale.

Shipping Options

Add your own simple shipping rates or display real-time quotes from NZ Post, Australia Post, Fedex, UPS, USPS and more. You can even create shipping promotions to increase sales.


See which orders have shipped and which are pending, then process, updating the customer, printing invoices and packing slips straight from your control panel.

Controlling inventory

View your entire inventory with a glance, at both the product and product variant levels. Set low stock levels, and automatically disable purchasing when no stock is available.

Content delivery network (CDN)

Dremus uses a CDN which dramatically decreases page load times by distributing files to servers all over the world, meaning you’ll have happier customers, better search rankings and more sales — no matter where your shoppers are.

managing products

Dremus makes selling online a breeze - see these features for more info


Create as many variants for your products as you like, such as size, colour and shape — each with its own SKU, price, and stock level.

Collections, brands

Organise your products into common groupings by type or brand making it easier for customer to browse your range.


Our promotion tools help create urgency, increase awareness and drive purchases. From simple sales to dynamic pricing rules that offer discounts for certain order amounts or customers.

Digital products, Services

You’re not limited to selling just tangible products with Dremus. You can sell digital downloads, event tickets, services and more.


Dremus makes selling online a breeze - see these features for more info

Stylish themes

Dremus hosts a collection of premium and free e-commerce website templates. Installing a theme is as easy as clicking ‘install’, try a few themes out before launching your store.

Change look and feel

Every website template comes with its own settings so you can quickly and easily customise your website's design.

Flexibility with design

We give you access to your storefront's HTML/CSS, so you have complete control of the page layouts and flow.

Web designers

For a unique site that will really turn heads, choose from our network of e-commerce web design partners who specialise in customising Dremus stores.

marketing & seo

Dremus makes selling online a breeze - see these features for more info

Store statistics

Our analytics tools put a wealth of information at your fingertips. View daily store snapshots or measure performance over time for Unique Visitors, Orders, Conversion Rates, Sales & Revenue


All our plans can use the coupon engine to create sales, discount codes and coupons to help promote your products. Offer coupon codes that save customers a monetary amount, a percentage amount, free shipping and more.

Sell on Facebook

Our free application, DremusShop, lets you set up a fully functional Facebook shop. Your fans can easily browse and share products, all without ever leaving the site.

Short URLs

Potential customers must be able to find your store using search engines. Dremus has inbuilt SEO tools to capture short URLs, page Meta data and tags which assists in higher search rankings.

Google Analytics integration

Easily integrate with Google Analytics to run store-wide and item-specific tests, or use Google Website Optimiser to see which product images drive conversion.

Mail campaigns

Sync customers with your Campaign Monitor or MailChimp email lists to put your email marketing on autopilot. You can set up automatic emails to promote products or auto-send emails with holiday - and event-based coupons and gift ideas to encourage regular traffic.